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collection management

Humboldt Forum Foundation
in the Berlin Palace
Geschichte des Ortes

Berlin Stadt Museum Foundation

Bundespräsidialamt Berlin

Conceptual and scientific collaboration on the development of a collection of furnishings from the Palace of the Republic

Processing of the 2,200 glasses from the glass collection under conservational - restorative aspects  for the Digi 2020 project.

Conservational cleaning, processing and  implementation of restoration measures on some of the historic chandeliers.

  • Viewing and conservation assessment

  • Object selection

  • General documentation of the objects

  • Conservative cleaning of the objects

  • Criteria of services for the relocation

  • Requirements for transport and object-specific packaging

  • Conservation and restoration support during relocation of collection

  • Conservational cleaning of the glasses

  • Status assessment and also of old conservations treatments

  • Concept development for the conservation of damaged objects

  • Museological recording and data comparison with existing data

  • Photographic documentation

  • combining the analogue and digital data
  • Conservational cleaning of the chandeliers

  • Custom-made threaded eyelets for and insertion and  attachment the chandelier pendulums

  • Rewiring of loose pendulums

Stiftung Thüringer

Schlösser & Gärten


Ernst von Siemens Foundation
project funding
Berlin Stadt Museum Foundation

Prussian Palaces & Gardens Foundation

Documentation and conservational measures Catalog of the chandelier in the Red Hall of the Heidecksburg

Inventory, documentation and conservation measures for the approx. 14,000 pendulums for chandeliers, table chandeliers, wall chandeliers

  • Inventory and status recording

  • Conservational cleaning

  • Concept for conservation measures 

  • Photographic documentation

  • Dating and allocation of chandelier parts

  • Conservational cleaning 

  • Status assessment and object description

  • Museological recording and data comparison with existing data

  • Photographic documentation

Justus Liebig University
TU Bergakademie Freiburg
collaborative research

Prussian Palaces & GardensFoundation

A joint research project on glass funded by the BMBF.

Material, function and significance between 1600 and 1800 in Thuringia

Inventory, documentation and conceptual participation in the design and implementation of the permanent exhibition in the dairy on the Pfaueninsel. on the occasion of the exhibition „Luise. Die Inselwelt der Königin“ 

  • Preparation of the exhibition "Glass of the Schwarzburger" in Rudolstadt in Heidecksburg Castle and in the Arnstadt Castle Museum

  • object handling

  • conservational care

  • Inventory and status recording

  • Dating and allocation of the glasses

  • Classification and documentation of the damage patterns

  • Inventory and status recording

  • Conservational cleaning of historic glass illumination lamps

  • Photographic documentation

  • General object documentation

  • Creation of an exhibition concept 

  • Draft and plan for hanging of the installation

  • Installation of illumination lamps for the exhibit

  • Inventory and status recording

  • Conservational cleaning 

  • Concept for conservation measures

  • Photographic documentation

  • Dating and allocation of the pendulums

  • Conception and implementation of conservational packaging and storage

Glasrestaurierung, Sammlungserfassung, Restaurierung von Glasobjekten & Kronleuchtern, Bettina K. Schneider
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